Who We Are


Friends Life care partners

Founded in 1982, Friends Life Care Partners is the holding company for two subsidiaries: 

Friends Life Care®–  Care Coordination, Wellness, Prevention and Financial Benefits for Aging and Thriving Independently at Home.

VigR Health – Consulting Services for Long-Term Care Insurance Carriers and the Senior Housing and Life Plan Community Industry.

Friends Life Care

Aging in Place Membership Program

The standard membership includes a financial element which mirrors that of long-term care insurance and a unique, differentiating health care management, navigation and advocacy element called “care coordination”. 

Friends Life Care members benefit from staying healthier longer, and postponing, avoiding or shortening their need for care. Insurance carriers have recognized the benefits of policyholders aging in place, and can benefit from our best practices and positive outcomes.

How Friends Life Care Works

VigR Health

As the consulting arm of Friends Life Care Partners — the pioneer of Continuing Care at Home (CCAH) — VigR Health draws on more than 30 years of experience innovating and operating the first, largest and most successful CCAH program in the nation.

Our insurance partners benefit from better managing risk and savings on claims. Their clients stay healthier longer, with prolonged independence.

These divisions continuously strive to deliver what is most important to those we serve – as seen in an AARP survey reporting that nearly 90% of people want to stay in their own home as they age. Our focus on health, wellness and prevention helps make that happen. We have lived and supported that mission since the beginning. The relevance and importance of  Friends Life Care services continues to grow as the baby boomer generation enters their “third age”.