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The Friends Life Care membership program was originally concepted and developed through a partnership which included Foulkeways, a Life Plan Community.

Friends Life Care built on this foundation to develop an innovative Care Coordination program. Our professional Wellness Coordinators get to know residents from the first day they join the program and stay connected to prevent, identify and manage changes in health.

Partner with us to safely retain Independent Living residents in their independent Living Unit (ILU) and better predict continuum of care moves into Assisted Living (AL) or Nursing Home (NH) beds.

Residents benefit from staying healthier longer and postponing, avoiding or shortening their need for health care. And you can “right-size” your health center.

Protocols & Processes

Time-tested and fine-tuned through the care continuum


Navigator, Coach, and Advocate 


Living independently and thriving at home as long as possible

Two Life Plan Community resident couples sitting outside, talking.

we help keep residents independent and content

Residents  don’t want to leave independent living and move to health care.  Friends Life Care Consulting has a proven track record in helping them remain safely in ILUs, setting the stage for them to remain healthier longer and even predicting moves to AL/NH beds over time.

Wellness and Care coordination

Award-winning philosophy on holistic health, prevention and wellbeing

Assessment Approach

Proprietary and industry-standard assessments identify important interventions

Risk stratifaction method

Tools, recommendations, and evaluations — tracked and managed over time